Funeral services in Leongatha

Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional funeral service, Handley Funeral Services will help you make a service that is heartfelt, memorable and fitting. Our experienced staff are here to provide you with the care, professionalism and guidance needed to embrace a lifetime of memories.

Here you will find a range of information about how we can help you and your family during this emotional time.

Services for a cremation or burial

Over the years the funeral service has changed in line with public attitude, the standard traditional funeral service has certainly changed. Families now consider a funeral service that will suit their loved one and one that is meaningful to their family. This might mean, for example, having a private family burial or cremation before a public funeral service. The terminology has also changed as the funeral service is often referred to as “a Service to Celebrate the life of…” or “a Thanksgiving Service for the Life of…”. The funeral service can become a celebration of a life that has been lived.

At the time of making the funeral arrangements our experienced staff will guide you to ensure that the funeral service you arrange is appropriate for you and your loved one.

Funeral of your choice

Handley Funeral Services have the expertise to offer a full range of options. The initial interview can be at the family home or at our office situated at 24 Anderson Street, Leongatha, whichever is more convenient. Your preferences will be discussed at length and over the course of the arrangement an appropriate Funeral Service will be planned.

Our highly trained staff at Handley Funeral Services will guide and advise you on any matters which need to be considered.

Pre-paid and pre-arranged funeral plans

For peace of mind, Handley Funeral Services provide pre-need funeral plans. Pre-paying or pre-planning your funeral ensures your wishes will be carried out. It will also relieve some of the stress on family members, both financially and emotionally. Handley Funeral Services abides by State Government legislation and ensures all monies paid for pre-need services are invested accordingly.

For further information please talk to the caring staff at Handley Funeral Services.

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