Funeral services in Leongatha

At Handley Funeral Services we give your loved one’s dignity and respect, ensuring that the greatest care is given. It is our aim to help you make a service that is heartfelt, memorable and fitting. Our experienced staff are here to provide you with the care, professionalism and guidance needed to embrace a lifetime of memories.

Things that you may want to consider when organizing a service.

Services for a cremation or burial

One of the first things to consider is what you would like to do, a burial or a cremation. This can be a hard choice if you are trying to honor the wishes of your loved one and no instructions were given.

Families now consider a funeral service that will suit their loved one and one that is meaningful to their family. You may want to have the burial or cremation before the service, or you may simply have a service on a different day altogether from the burial or cremation. There is no right or wrong way when making your arrangements.

At the time of making the funeral arrangements our experienced staff will guide you to ensure that the funeral service you arrange is appropriate for you and your loved one.

Direct Cremation or Burial

Something that families are considering is a direct cremation or burial. This means that there is no service. A loved one comes into our care and the arrangements are made for the person to be taken directly to the crematorium or cemetery without any family being present. This avenue has been chosen by people for a variety of reasons.

If this is something that you or your family are thinking of, we advise you to have an honest discussion with your family members. Make sure that they are comfortable with your decision as a direct cremation or burial gives families no real sense of closure as they do not have the opportunity to come together, share their grief and say goodbye.

Date and Time

When considering your service, a date and time is the first thing that will need to be established. It is good to have a few dates to consider making sure that if fits in with the venue, clergy/celebrant, and cemetery. It is worth thinking about how the service date will work in with newspaper articles. Not all clergy will work on Mondays. Handley Funeral Services will make every effort to organize a day that works for your family.

Funeral of your choice

Handley Funeral Services have the expertise to offer a full range of options. Things to consider are clothing, slide show, flowers, live stream and newspaper articles. You may want to use all these options, or you may only select a few. Our highly trained staff at Handley Funeral Services will guide and advise you on any of these matters which need to be considered.

The initial interview can be at the family home or at our office situated at 24 Anderson Street, Leongatha, whichever is more convenient. Your preferences will be discussed at length and over the course of the arrangement an appropriate Funeral Service will be planned.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is something that was born during Covid. It gave grieving families the opportunity to share the limited number service with other grieving families and friends. Since then, it has been refined and has now found a place for families who have important people in their lives that are unable to attend the service.

Handley funeral Services understands the importance of live streaming to families and how important this is. We made the decision to outsource and bring in a professional who can bring a professional standard and deliver the best quality possible.

Pre-arranged funeral bonds

For peace of mind, Handley Funeral Services provides Funeral Bonds. A Funeral Bond is something that you can establish and begin paying into. When you have reached your goal, the funds will be there to contribute or pay for the service. In the event of the bond having more funds than required the remaining funds go back to the family or the estate.

You can still pre-plan the funeral to help ensure your wishes will be carried out. A Funeral Bond will also relieve some of the stress on family members, both financially and emotionally. Handley Funeral Services abides by State Government legislation and ensures all monies paid for Funeral Bonds are invested accordingly.

For further information please talk to the caring staff at Handley Funeral Services.

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