THURLOW – Benjamin James (Ben)

Passed away with family by his side on Monday the 1st of April 2024, aged 90 years.
Loving husband of karen for 50 years.
Loved father to Trevor and Chi, Roslyn.
Adored Pop to all of his Grandchildren.

Sadly Missed.

Funeral Notice
The funeral service for Mr. Benjamin James Thurlow will be a private service by invitation only This Service will be Live Streamed, to view please CLICK HERE
  1. Dear Ben,
    Thank you for the great times and the precious memories that you have left us with.
    You are the one that gave me the job and the time that ultimately turned into a lifelong career for me in Avionics. Without your confidence and your support I would certainly not have achieved what I have today.
    During that time together I learned a great deal from you. You were an inspiration to me. Teaching me what integrity is and how to care and respect for others and not just in my work but also with family and friends.
    In a time when I was young, and I was still learning the ropes. You took me under your wing on some of your most important jobs. I experienced new countries and different cultures, watching you all the time in awe at your endurance, how you communicated and how you handled the business.
    There was also some fun time and I remember that occasionally we put a few drinks away together.
    One time that sticks in my mind is the time in Jakarta after you had dragged me around to every bar in every major hotel in that city in just one night. Then landed us back at the Mandarin at 1.00am in the morning. We had a 7.30 am appointment with the Airlines the next day. The bar was full of businesspeople in suits and you and I at the bar ordering the whatever cocktail that was on for that night. We were trying to stand up and look inconspicuous with our backs to the bar when suddenly everyone in the place were looking at us strangely, and well, turning around we, each had a full-size cut-out pineapple on the bar, with a tall glass of pinacol-Lada inside them with pink umbrellas and straws and palm trees and stuff sticking out. What the hell, we drank them anyway and ordered a wakeup call for the morning as we tried desperately to find the wall that the elevators used to be on and the little buttons that open the fringing doors. We survived again!!!
    We went separate ways for a long time until we met again but I never did forget you and Karen how much you did for me.
    Your retirement and the Melbourne cups and your 80th that Vicki and I had with Karren and your self were the best. Again, we were amazed at your endurance and finding and keeping up with you was a challenge and a half at times.
    I could never work out how you knew so much about the Melbourne CBD and all the little drinking holes and the hidden places, back doors, and historical cellars. It was like you had come over with the convicts and built the place.
    Yes, it is just a small part of it all mate, and a fraction of your overall character as one of the best friends that we have had.
    We will remember again when we next have a glass of your favourite Shiraz. and we say cheers to Ben.
    Rest in peace mate, all our love, David and Vicki.

    David and Vicki Thomas April 7, 2024
  2. We will miss you so much Ben. You have been a great teacher for the Asia Pacific Collins team.

    BJ April 10, 2024
  3. Thank you our dear friend Ben’s family that we were able to attend his beautiful farewell. We grieved for his loss with you, but everything was as Ben would have wanted and we laughed with you. Geoff remembered all Ben’s achievements and yet there were more – proud of all he did and all he stood for. We both have enjoyed great times with you both (some of them recorded in photos there today). There were many special memories for Geoff but his company was the most important thing of all. I smile about all the funny things we laughed over when we got together. The time in Singapore with you all was an amazing time for us and of course that last holiday in Melbourne with you. Great memories and we hope to share them with you Karen all over again some time soon. Love, JGeoff and Judy xx
    We have never watched a Streamed Service before, and are so impressed – we felt like we were sitting there with you all.

    Geoff & Judy Pearson April 11, 2024