Kadletz – Norbert


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Norbert Kadletz, a beloved brother, father, grandpa, and great-grandpa. Norbert’s life was a testament to the love and dedication he had for his family, and he will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

Norbert was a man of many roles and touched countless lives with his kindness, wisdom, and unwavering support. He leaves behind a legacy of love, cherished memories, and a family that adored him deeply. His presence brought joy to many, and his absence will be profoundly felt.

May his soul rest in peace.

With heartfelt condolences,

The Kadletz Family


Funeral Notice
Handley Funeral Services Chapel 24 Anderson Street, LeongathaView Map

The funeral service for a Mr. Norbert Kadletz will be held at Handley Funeral Services Chapel, 24 Anderson Street Leongatha, on WENESDAY the 26th of June starting at 11:00 am

We invite all who knew and loved Norbert to join us in celebrating his life and the wonderful memories we shared.

Norbert's service will be live streamed. To view the service Click Here.

  1. His spirit was larger than life . Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”
    Rest in Peace

    Celine James June 22, 2024
  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers dear Kris, Brad and families at this sad time of the loss of your dad/grandpa.
    I have many fond and special memories of the many family get-togethers at Norbert and Gaisma’s in Bundoora. Family gatherings were so precious to us all and especially to me seeing I lived on my own.
    In more recent times phone calls to Norbert were always interesting and he never said much about his pain struggles but was more interested to know how I was going.
    A cherished and loving brother-in law to me.
    Love and condolences to you all, Freda

    Freda Meiers June 22, 2024
  3. Hi Grampa. I will miss our conversations and coming to visit you in Loch. I remember with fond memories the times you used to take us to the park when we were little. I’m so grateful to have had you in my life as I’ve grown into an adult and that I’ve been able to share my life experiences with you. Thank you for always taking an interest, and for looking out for me, and for all of your kind and wise advice about life. Love you and miss you Grampa.

    Benjamin Kadletz June 22, 2024
  4. Goodbye Grandpa, you are at rest and at peace. I look forward to seeing you very soon and I await a time when I can get to know you even more. Thank you for the nice times we’ve shared together in this world. I will spend more time with you soon Grandpa. Goodbye for now. I love you Grandpa 💙

    Jacob Kadletz June 23, 2024
  5. Dear Norbert…
    He was my father-in-law for 40 years, and he was a big part of our lives. I remember first meeting Norbert Kadletz at the hospital where I was nursing, in Melbourne, many years ago. He was there with his lovely wife Ronda – faithfully everyday, visiting his son Brad, who had been in a terrible, life-threatening car accident. Little did I know then that this worried man, who was a polite, handsome, Austrian gentleman, would one day become my father in law, and grandfather to our three children.
    I always felt welcome in Norbert’s and Ronda’s home and felt very privileged to be part of this happy European family, which included their two children Brad and Kristine, who is my kind and beautiful sister in law. I soon learned all about Norbert’s Austrian culture, when I travelled to his homeland, magnificent Austria, before marrying Brad.
    Norbert was a wonderful grandfather to our three children, always making them, and me, laugh. He had such a subtle, witty, natural sense of humour. It wasn’t contrived, no, it was just ‘there’; an integral part of Norbert’s personality. I loved the way we could always have a laugh or a giggle! Our children were so curious about their grandpa, especially his false teeth! Norbert patiently looked after his grandchildren at family gatherings and parties, keeping them entertained by telling them funny stories, and getting them very excited!
    I always looked forward to going to Norbert and Ronda’s home in Bundoora, for Sunday lunches. We used to have a walk around the garden and look for any new and interesting contraptions that were invented or made by Norbert.
    Norbert and Ronda hosted amazing Austrian/Latvian parties that were filled with laughter, dancing and good food. Everyone had a good time eating Austrian strudel, amongst other delicious dishes, such as Latvian perugs.
    Norbert was not only a plumber but a proficient gardener, with an immaculate lawn, that was his pride and joy. I was so impressed by Norbert’s wonderful gardening skills, particularly the fruit and vegetables he grew. He had a wealth of knowledge about the garden and healthy food, drinks and vitamins. I am convinced that his healthy green drinks helped in his battle and cure of lymphoma, and kept him living a long and full life.
    Norbert and Ronda visited us often in Gin Gin, QLD. Norbert loved to have fun with his grandchildren. He would jump in the swimming pool on a hot day and play ‘wet rags’ with them. It was hilarious! In the evenings we used to all sit and play canasta with he and Ronda. What good times we had. He also formed a strong bond and attachment with Sara our dog. Sara would always loyally accompany Norbert on his long walks around the block. She loved her Grandpa so much.
    When I heard that Norbert gave up his long, hard fight with renal failure, I instantly felt an intense emptiness and deep sorrow; our family had sadly been abbreviated.
    Dear Norbert was the last remaining grandparent to Benjamin, Holly and Jacob. We will all miss Dad, Grandpa, Norbert. But we will always remember the happy times we shared.
    Kind regards, Julia

    Julia Kadletz June 24, 2024
  6. Dear Grandpa,

    It breaks my heart to know that our weekly visits with Gracie have come to an end. The memories we shared will always hold a special place in my heart. You were an incredible role model, showing us grandkids nothing but unconditional love.

    I will never forget our adventures to the park for a choc wedge, collecting acorns in the Loch and turning them into figurines, and building go-karts to go behind the mower. Flying kites and listening to your creative bedtime stories were magical moments that I’ll cherish forever. You also taught me the value of a healthy lifestyle, introducing me to vitamins and alfalfa sprouts.

    You were one of the strongest men I’ve ever known, You embodied strength and resilience, battling bravely until the very end.

    Our weekly visits with Gracie were something we all looked forward to, and I know you cherished them just as much as we did. Thank you for always being there, for your guidance, and for the countless happy memories. Your love and presence have shaped me in so many ways.

    I Love you Grandpa, may you lay at rest with Grandma.

    Danielle Polkinghorne June 25, 2024
  7. Norbert embraced us into his family with remarkable warmth, patience, generosity and kindness especially towards our son. We’ll always cherish the memories of spending Easter and Christmas in his living room and of Norbert riding around the paddocks with our son.

    Sam June 26, 2024
  8. Grandpa, you were such a strong person. You were funny and kind and very witty. You taught me so much and helped to shape the person I have become. I will miss our chats on the phone and the time we spent together. I’m so glad you had the chance to get to know Azalea and spend time with her. I’m so happy for the memories we all got share.

    Grandpa, thank you for being you. I will miss you so much and will hold the memories of you close in my heart.

    Holly June 26, 2024
  9. I miss my uncle and the Kadletz family, I loved the stories uncle told us as children every story was an adventure that I’ll never forget. Thankyou uncle Norbert I and family will miss you deeply

    Dwayne Meiers June 29, 2024
  10. I love you dad , forever in my heart soul mind. To me you were the best father one could have , I’m lucky to have spent so much time with you, and wished it could have been longer. Thank you for being the best dad , Grand father Great grand Father .for ever in my heart
    Your awesome daughter Kristine ❤️❤️❤️

    Kristine polkinghorne July 6, 2024